Find the Best Long Term CD Rates

Typically, the longer the term of the certificate of deposit, the higher the rate. Rates for certificates of deposit (CDs) are set by the issuing bank and updated daily. Longer term CDs are great low-risk investment options, ranging from 1-year to 10-year CD rates. With your choice of the best CD rates for longer term commitments, you could grow your money over time with the interest earned to achieve your investment, retirement and other financial goals.

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How to choose the best long term CD rates

Here are ways to get the best CD rates for long term CDs:

Look at the CD rate

The interest rate for your long term CD could affect how much your money will grow over the years. Jumbo CD deposits (amounts $100,000 or over) and the longest term CDs can earn some of the highest CD rates. 

Determine minimum balances

When choosing a CD, see if your deposit meets the minimum balance requirement to open an account and the minimum to earn the annual percentage yield (APY). 

Keep early withdrawal fees on mind

Please note that CD rates are fixed for the term of the CD and that you may be penalized for withdrawing funds before your certificate of deposit matures.

Ensure deposits have FDIC insurance coverage

To keep your money safe, select institutions that are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Bank CDs are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per depositor.

Long term CDs for retirement savings

A long term CD is another option if you are considering transferring retirement funds into a CD. Unlike retirement investments that are dependent on the performance of the stock market, CDs are a safe place to put your nest egg. While the return may not be as high, they are a good choice for low-risk investors.  

Use the table below to select the specific term and amount to find best CD rates with maturity of over one year.

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Certificate of Deposit Accounts

Update List
2 years Term
1.65% APY
$2000 Minimum to earn APY
Rates as of 7/22/2017
FDIC Insured
Advertiser Comments
  • Great Rates + Safety = Peace of Mind
  • Member FDIC

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2 years Term
1.55% APY
$500 Minimum to earn APY
Rates as of 7/22/2017
FDIC Insured
Advertiser Comments
  • 10-day CD Rate Guarantee
  • Choose your monthly interest disbursement
  • Low $500 minimum deposit

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Type: Certificates of Deposit
Advertiser Comments
  • Wide selection of maturity dates
  • Predictable returns
  • Competitive Interest rates

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